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Newport is a charming town located in the scenic coastal region of North Carolina. Situated in Carteret County, Newport is a small community with a population of around 4,600 residents. The town is conveniently located near major cities such as Morehead City and Beaufort, offering the perfect blend of small-town charm and easy access to urban amenities.

Newport is known for its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse range of outdoor activities. The town’s history dates back to the early 18th century, and many of the original buildings and landmarks are still preserved, giving Newport a timeless and historic feel. Visitors can take a stroll through the downtown area and admire the beautiful architecture and historic sites, such as the Newport Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nature enthusiasts will also find plenty to love about Newport, as the town is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities. The nearby Croatan National Forest is a popular destination for hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing, while the Crystal Coast offers miles of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters for swimming, fishing, and boating.

In addition to its natural beauty, Newport is also a thriving community with a variety of local businesses, restaurants, and shops. Visitors can sample delicious seafood at one of the town’s many seafood restaurants, shop for unique gifts and souvenirs at local boutiques, or attend one of the town’s many events and festivals, such as the Newport Pig Cooking Contest, which draws visitors from all over the state.

Overall, Newport, North Carolina, is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and charm of the North Carolina coast. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventure, or simply enjoying the laid-back coastal lifestyle, Newport has something for everyone. With its friendly locals, beautiful surroundings, and rich cultural heritage, Newport is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored.

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